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Small Business Website Design


In case you are already promoting your business on the world wide web by means of having a business website, then that is commendable. If you are just now having a small business web design, here are a couple of free and easy tips that you should take into account so as to make your small business website a lead generating machine, and a definite asset for your business.


KISS - keep is short and simple - make sure to avoid any fancy animations, graphics, wild colors and anything else that will distract the visitors from the core business. Studies after studies have shown that what a couple of web designer consider as beautiful is only an excuse for the visitors to click it away and visit the website of another competitor. As a result, make sure not to cause annoyance to your visitors.


Give timely and relevant information - keep in mind that your visitors will look to you so as to solve the current problem they have. They want to obtain information from you before they will decide if you are worth spending some cash with. If your site contains the information that they necessitate and not just the services or items for sale, then probabilities will get a lot better that the visitors will be turned into clients and customers who will buy what you are offering to them.


Obtain their email address - it is definitely a well-known fact that money is included in the list. Even though a visitor does not make a purchasing on their first visit to your website, in the event that you obtain their email address, then you can maintain your business with them for months by way of sending a brief, timely and relevant emails to let them know about your sales, specials and so on. To know more about web design, visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/06/author-website_n_4227577.html.


Place your best stuff "above the fold" - this phrase came from the newspaper industry. "above the fold" refers to what you will see when you first obtained the newspaper without even unfolding it. And the same goes to your small business website - what first appears on the screen the moment your visitor goes to your website. Basic information such as business name, what services or goods you provide, the physical company address, hours of operation as well as contact details are all important bits of information that must be seen above the fold in order for them to know your company right away. Click here for more info!